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Höegh Autoliners is a privately Norwegian owned shipping company.
The company is a leading global provider of transportation and logistic solutions in the ro/ro segment, offering a broad range of services to customers throughout the world.

Main services are:

  • Transport of new cars
  • Transport of high and heavy machinery
  • Transport of used cars and machinery
  • Transport of oversized and /or non rolling project cargo
  • Transport of way cargo ,between Chile, Peru , Ecuador and Colombia

The Company operates approximately 70 PCTC’s (Pure Car and Truck carriers) In a global trade systems which are managed from a worldwide network of 30 owned offices and assisted also by reliable shipping agencies.


Höegh Autoliners has a monthly service for more than 17th years, from Korea, Japan, China and lately from Thailand to Chile (San Antonio and Iquique), Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.


In addition to new and used cars, Höegh Autoliners also welcomes high and heavy vehicles, over-sized break/bulk cargo and specialized non-rolling cargo. Way cargo between  ports in the West Coast of South America is also welcomed.


Höegh Autoliners is one of the world’s leading ro/ro  operators, carrying  close to two million standard car units annually, worldwide and the FE/SA  service is operated with one of the most modern and flexible ro/ro fleets in the market.  Höegh Autoliners has transportation contracts with many of the world’s vehicle manufactures and is in addition a leading carrier of second-hand vehicles as well as high and heavy construction equipment and other rolling stock.

Load ports

China: Shanghai Tianjin

Korea: Inchon, Kunsan, Masan

Japan: Sakai, Kawasaki, Hitachinaka, Nagoya y Kobe

Regular discharge ports







San Antonio

*Monthly Sailings