Ultramar Shipping Agency was founded by Captain Albert von Appen as a ships agent and liner representation for Hamburg-Amerika Linie and Norddeutscher Lloyd. 


In the month of June was the first step out of Santiago: the agency services began in the city of Arica in the north of Chile.


Ultramar is designated as general agent for Lufthansa, inaugurating direct flights to Chile during 1958.


Seeking to ensure services in the geographical extremes of Chile, on June 1st the agency began operations in Punta Arenas.



Ultramar started to represent Flotta Laura, a line from Naples with multipurpose vessels, the same year that we began to assist ships in the port of Valparaiso with our own offices. 


From this year until today Ultramar represents Stolt-Nielsen, a leading Tanktainers liner. 


Responding to a growing mining industry, in the month of May Ultramar opened offices in the port of Antofagasta. 


In just three years Ultramar strongly expanded its coverage in Chile, first in Talcahuano, Quintero the following year and finally with its most southern agency: Puerto Williams. In 1989 through Santiago’s airport pitch, Ultramar entered into the warehousing import business, since the year 2000 it is called Depocargo.


Offices in Huasco, Caldera and Chacabuco initiated activities in the mid-nineties. 


This year Ultramar returns to the launches business with its own fleet, through the purchase of “Pelicano” a launch that was later called “Coihue” and started operating in the port of Antofagasta. 


Along with opening a new agency in the city of Los Vilos, Ultramar Shipping Agency began its career in the international freight business as Freight Forwarder. This division in the year 2007 would become to be known as Ultramar Logistics. 

At the beginning of this century Ultramar once again expanded its operations throughout Chile, opening offices in the cities of Puerto Montt and Coquimbo. 


This year along with the opening of a new agency in Tocopilla, Ultramar also acquired 100% of TEISA, strengthening its position at Santiago’s airport through an export terminal. 

During our history we have also represented many other major carriers, such as Italia Di Navigazione, Salen Reefer Services (now NYK Cool), and Linabol Transnave in the seventies, Lykes Lines and Crowley in the eighties, and Sealand in the nineties. For all its customers in all its different services, Ultramar has always looked to deliver an excellent service.